Reverie Wanderer

The poor little girl is lost in the dream. In order to find the way home, she must find the way home in her dreams

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How To Play


- Diverse scenes of fantasy colors

  More than 5 different scene themes, you can travel back and forth in different worlds, experience different customs.

- A variety of vivid missions

  More than 30 different characters are available to choose from, and through various world experiences, complete various tasks and unlock different characters in different worlds.


- Unpredictable wonderful institutions

  The organic combination of a variety of singular organs constitutes a level of difficulty for each color, which can not only reflect the test, but also test the brain power.

About Us

Incubated in June 2019 and then launched first app in September 2019 December, dream3000 began operating independently in early 2020 powered by Smarter Mobi.

Smarter Mobi is a mobile games publishing studio based in China with offices across the globe. Our mission is to publish fun, entertaining games that are played by people all over the world. Our team of gamers, designers, developers, and analysts partner with you through every step of the game development process.